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Our beachfront cabins in Tela offers:



* Private cool terrace with hammoks

* Cabin with kitchenet

* Breakfast

* Hot water


* Laundry service

* Free parking and shuttle services

* Transportation to the hotel from airport

* Tours from the hotel

* 20% off on Tours in Tela Bay 


 Welcome to your beachfront cabins hotel in Tela, Honduras.


Day tours from our cabins in Tela Bay :

- Punta Sal National Park
- Lancetilla Botanical Garden
- Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge
- Pico Bonito and Cuero y Salado National Parks.
- Farm and plantations visits
- Los Micos Laguna
- Garifunas villages of Tornabé, Miami and San Juan



Beach front cabin in Tela 


 2 to 3 days tours from Coco Beach Cabins

- Copan Mayan Ruins
- Moskitia Biosphere
- Roatan y Utila Islands (diving).
- Cayos Cochinos
- Guatemala, Belize and Nicaragua



More infos about our Beachfront cabins in Tela Honduras




Playa B°El Tigre

Triunfo de la Cruz

Tela - Honduras

Tel: +(504)3335-4599

@: [email protected]

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